Terms and Condition

All references to “the Organizer” shall mean the person, firm or company contracting with the Company for Services (hereinafter defined) to be provided to Clients (hereinafter defined

These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts made by the Company with an Organizer/Client and constitute entire and exclusive agreement between the Company and the Organizer/Client. No subsequent agreement in any way altering these terms and conditions shall be binding on the Company unless made in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the Company.

  • Organizer’ s contracts:

In all the contracts agreements or arrangements with the Clients which involve or may involve the Services of the Company in any capacity, the Organizer shall state clearly and unambiguously that:

(i)The Organizer is the principal and sole contractor with the clients or where the context so admits retail agents and other corporate bodies and persons [hereinafter jointly and severally called “the Retailer”] and the Company is at all times the agent of the Organizer and acting solely on behalf of the Organizer.

(ii)The Company shall be exempted from and in cases indemnified by the Organizer against all or any liabilities for acts, defaults or omissions of any third party.

IndemnityThe Organizer shall indemnify the Company in full against all or any claims by any Retailer or Client for any breach of contract whatsoever and howsoever caused.Tour arrangements

The Company will use their best endeavors to ensure that the transport, accommodation, meals and other agreed services [herein called “Services”] provided are fully in compliance with the information given to the Organizer but the liability of the Company to the Organizer to the breach of contract is restricted to liability where by the negligence of themselves, their servants or agents all or some Services are not provided in which event such liability shall be limited to the Company indemnifying the Organizer against claims by the Client only for the actual costs of the Service which was to have been provided, excluding all consequential damages whatsoever and wheresoever suffered or incurred including but not limited to the costs of air fares to and from the respective destination or any other such incidental or indirect costs whatsoever. In case of any such failure to provide any Service contracted for, the Company shall have the right to substitute alternative services of equal value subject always to such services being available; without prejudice to the foregoing:-

(i) The Company accepts no liability in the event of Services not being carried out or being altered by any matter whatsoever beyond their control. Such matters include but are not limited to the closure of National Parks, Sanctuaries, Hotels/Lodges and such like matters and the Company reserves the right to make such alterations to the itinerary when in its sole judgment it is deemed necessary or desirable for the comfort, convenience or safety to Clients.

(ii) The Company accepts no liability for alleged inferior or inadequate Services or transportation vehicles nor for the negligent, careless or wrongful acts or omissions of hotel keepers, inn keepers, lodge keepers and such like persons and their servants and agents or any other person not in the employment of the Company.

(iii) The Company accepts no liability for damages directly or indirectly arising out of delay in departures or arrivals occasioning the missing of roads, rail, ship or aircraft connections.

(iv)The Company accepts no responsibility for airline reservations and reconfirmations nor any liability for damages arising from any changes of airline schedules, cancellation of flights or errors and mistakes made by airline offices or travel agents. As regards all dealings with or for any Client relating to or touching upon air travel, airports, air bookings, travel agents and airlines, the Company legal relationship and standing is merely that of an intermediary between such third parties and the Organizer, Retailer, and Client without any liability to or for any of these parties such negation and waiver of liability being in all respects a pre-condition of all contracted relationships between the Company and the Organizer. The organizer must advise all the clients to protect their interest by insurance and careful attention to all documentation supplied to them by all such third parties.

(v) The Company accepts no responsibility or liability in the event that Services of equal value having been offered to Clients are declined.

(vi)The Company may in their discretion employ sub-contractors to carry out all or any part of the Services in which event the indemnity provided in condition 2 above and the exemption provided by this condition and condition 9 and 10 below shall be deemed to apply also to the sub-contractor.

Price Variation

The Company reserves the right to increase all or any of the prices without prior reference to the Organizer in any of the following events:

(i)Official devaluation or revaluation of the local destination currency against the United States Dollar, the EURO, the Sterling Pound or the currency of the country in which the booking is made (if different);

(ii) Any statutory increase in taxes or other dues imposed by the local Governments or any officer or agent thereof;

(iii)Any local increase in the price of aviation fuel or motor vehicle fuel or any other increase in the cost of transport which forms part of the Services;

(iv) Any increase in the cost of accommodation or meals forming part of the Services;

(v) Any increase in entrance fees to national parks, national reserves and sanctuaries and any other entrance fees forming part of the Service;

(vi)Any other increase in the Company operating costs or cost of providing the Services which are beyond the Company control and which the Company has every reasonable effort to prevent.

Booking and confirmation due to Covids- 19. (Corona Virus)

A deposit of 15 % is required on booking and the balance to be paid the day before the Services commence. Payment in full is required where bookings are made less than 24hours before the tour begins. Notwithstanding any prior confirmation of arrangements, the right is reserved not to execute tours if payment has not been received in accordance with foregoing.

20% deposit is required 10 weeks before intended departure with the balance to be settled 24hours prior to commencement of the tour. If a reservation is made within 24hours of departure, the entire amount must be made at the time of confirmation.


In the event of cancellation or variation of Services for whatever reasons the Company shall be entitled to charge cancellation fees as set out hereunder:

(a)Cancellations received between 72 hours prior to commencement of Services shall be charged at 10% of the total cost of Services.

Non-payment by the date for commencement of services

In the event that the Company has not received payment in full by the Date for Commencement of Services then the Company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withhold all or any of the Services and the Company shall be entitled to collect the outstanding payment from the Client direct and to recover from the Organizer all cancellation fees which they are entitled to charge as per para 6 above. The Company shall not be required to notify the Organizer, the Retailer or the Client prior to the date for commencement of Services that the Services or any part of the Services will be withheld.


(i) The Company is insured against any legal liability which may arise out of injury or death to the Client in accordance with and to the extent required by the Laws of respective local destination.

(ii)The Company insurance does not cover illness, medical expenses, damage to or loss of baggage and consequential damages arising from any one of these or at all and the Organizer must advise Clients to effect their own insurance prior to their arrival in the local destination and such insurance to cover as a minimum, death, personal injury, medical expenses, damage to or loss of baggage and consequential damages arising in the event of any one of the foregoing.

Injury illness and other risks

The Company accepts no liability for the injury illness infection or death of a Client which is not covered by the Company insurance referred to in condition 8 above.

Loss of or damage to property

The Company accept no liability whatsoever for the theft of or other loss or damage to the property of any Client howsoever caused

Alteration Tours

The right is reserved to change any route or arrangements should conditions necessitate, to offer substitutes of equal value, or to accept the operation of any scheduled tour. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as member of any tour at any time, in which event an equitable amount will be refunded.

Camping Safaris

Prices for camping safaris per trip will depend on the number of people in your group. Maximum number in a 4 WD vehicle, excluding the Driver Guide, is Five. Since the main purpose of your journey is to admire the spectacular scenery, we arrange for every client to be next to a window and, where necessary, can arrange for an extended vehicle to ensure window seats for all.


The Company reserves the right to substitute the hotels named in the itinerary, when absolutely necessary. Avoid unexpected accommodation changes by early booking to guarantee your first choice (minimum 60-40 days before the Safari).

Additional costs

Our safari packages includes all accommodation and meals while on safari, airport transfers, park fees and services of guides and drivers. It is customary to tip your Driver Guide, as well as the Cook or Camp staff if you are camping during your safari. You will also pay for your own beverages and personal items like laundry service and phone, and are responsible for any passport and visa fees. If you foresee indulging in the many delightful Tanzania souvenirs, budget accordingly!

Payment Preference:

All prices are quoted in US$ Dollars. We prefer payments by Wire Transfers through bank, which are subject to bank charges at the prevailing/current rate. Local currency can be accepted at the current dollar-buying rate

Other general sales agents

Any other duly appointed General Sales Agents are merely Agents for the Company and all contracts entered into by the Organizer shall be deemed to have been made directly with the Company. All contracts made other than directly with Company are subject to ratification by the Company.

Governing law

These terms and conditions shall be read and construed in all respects in accordance with the Laws of respective local destination’s government and the Company and the Organizer shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the respective courts


1) In event of client cancelling their trip to unpredictable event the company will deduct all the expenses incurred, and the rest will be refunded.

2) Cancellation received before 7 days in 30% of the tour price before 3 days 50% cancellation within 24 hours without unpredictable event 100% of the tour price.

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