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There is a beautiful, mysterious, shallow and salty lake in Tanzania sheltered by the magnificent Great Rift Valley. But the undeniable beauty of Lake Eyasi relies not only in the landscape itself but in the fact that it is the home area of the last hunter-gathered tribe in Tanzania and one of the few in Africa - the Hadzabe or Hadza.
There are about 1,300 members living in temporary shelters of dried grass and branches with no more than 30 members each community. 
Gene­tic testings suggest that this tribe may represent one of the primary roots of the human family tree, possibly more than 100,000 years old.

Of course there were changes through the times but somehow they have maintained their gathering lifestyle in spite of continuous exposure to groups that depend on agriculture. The Hadzabe have no livestock, so they survive by hunting with hand-made bows and arrows, collecting honey and gathering eatable plants. The two first tasks are assigned to men while the last one is women's duty. Their diet is mainly plant-based but also includes meat and honey. Each Hadzabe camp has a few core members but most others come and go as they please. The Hadzabe recognize no official leaders and no Hadzabe adult has authority over any other. 
One of the most curious characteristics of this tribe is their language - the Hadzane - which consists of an exotic symphony of tongue clicks and glottic pops. Linguists claim that Hadzane is an isolate language as it is not closely related to any existing one.


Did you know that our Soul of Tanzania itinerary already includes this rare and extraordinary experience? If you have a different tour, you can always add an extra day to witness this unbeatable culture. You will join them in their daily morning activities either by participating in the daily hunting with men, or in the fruit gathering with the women. You will find out why this is the supreme cultural experience. 

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