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A safari is a once in a lifetime journey and planning it should be part of the fun, although challenging at first. Making decisions during this first phase can seem overwhelming but the good news are: you will have a Journey Designer completely dedicated to you, putting together the ideal safari itinerary smooth, delightful and stress-free as possible.

We gathered some of the most usual questions and doubts we have from first time safari explorers:

What is the best time of the year to visit Tanzania? 

Tanzania is an amazing safari destination all year around. Wildlife is resident, so the only consideration to take are your interests and expectations. For instance, if you dream of witnessing the wildebeest crossing the Mara river, then you should consider travelling from July to October, as it increases the chances to observe this phenomenon. On the other hand, January and February are the best months to observe the calving in the southern Serengeti, and therefore an excellent time to see predator action. 

How long should the safari be?

There is of course no right answer for that, as it really depends on the parks you plan to visit. Some of the most remote wildlife areas in the northern circuit, like Serengeti, require a longer journey but some others like Lake Manyara and Tarangire are closer to the departure location - Arusha - so if you are in a rush you can even pIan a 1 day safari. However, for a true meaningful safari experience we highly recommend you to save at least 5 days for this advenure. In our tours page you can check some of our suggestions in terms of places to visit and also duration.

What accommodation to choose?
We like to say the success of a safari depends on 4 variables: Guide, Customer care, Vehicle and Accommodation. The first 3 variables are guaranteed to be the best in the industry when you book a safari with Soul of Tanzania. As for the fourth, we will make sure to provide the best recommendations according to your style and budget, so that your experience is even more special. If you wonder the difference between a lodge and a tented camp, the first usually consists of permanent cottages and a manor house, or rooms in that house. A Tented Camp usually features a main house and ensuited tents around the camp area. Whether you prefer a nature-connected tented camp, or the amenities of a lodge, Tanzania National Parks offer accommodation options that are extraordinary for different price ranges.

How do the vehicles look like?

You will have a powerful and in top condition 4WD LandCruiser with Safari Pop Up Roof, high-end Binoculars, cooler, chargers and food. Speaking of food, did you know on most locations, Soul of Tanzania will provide full hot lunches full tableware and cutlery, cold white wine, delicious red wine and juices instead of the usual cold lunch-boxes? Sometimes we set up the lunch table, other times we just lay down a blanket on the ground and have a luxury picnic. Our guides are trained to make the experience a unique one. 

 Should I take any extra activities during safari?

We do believe some safari activities awaken your senses by offering a different perspective of the African bush, culture and wildlife. From walking and balloon safaris to day trips to Mt. Kilimanjaro and visits to Maasai and Hadzabe villages, each moment in Tanzania is unique. These are the benefits of having your own private safari: much more flexibility and being able to tailor your safari and focus on everything you want to experience.

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