Bagamoyo, whose name means ‘bury – laydown my heart’ in Kiswahili, is the oldest town in Tanzania, founded by the end of the 18th century. It was the original capital of German East Africa where famous explorers such as Burton, Speke, Stanley and Livingstone once passed. It was the point reached by the caravans of slaves who arrived for transpoartion to Zanzibar and thereafter to faraway places.

Currently the town is famous centre of dhow building in the region and its wonderful beach. It’s a magic town that is visited by many people from different places of the world to see the tree where the sell and purchase of slaves was carried down as well as the fortified houses where slaves were kept while waiting for transportation.

From Bagamoyo 45km lies Saadani National Park while Kaole ruins five kilometers to the South. A quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing. In the past, the town of Bagamoyo was one of the most important trading ports on the entire East African coast. Most tourist prefer weekend holidays in Bagamoyo Town, which lies about 75 km north of Dar es Salaam on the coast of the Indean Ocean, close to the Islands of Zanzibar.

How To Get There

About a one-hour drive north from Dar es Salaam by private car or bus.

What To Do

Activities such as island hopping, swimming, scuba diving and snorking are available. Game viewing at nearby Saadani National Park. Cultural and ecotourism tours can also be arranged.

Specifically short holidays events over the weekend (one,two to three days) or longer one are an encouraged for relaxation. Bagamoyo is unique beach and historical sites. For romantic escape where you will have privacy with you partiner this is the place for you. Why not enjoy new beginning scrolling yourselves on the beach sand why fixing life strategies cool breezing beach?

When To Go

Accessible year round. Dry season, June-August. Wet season November-March. December- February.


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Bagamoyo Classic Itineraries

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