Social Responsibility – Voluntering Program

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

A little about how we are giving back to the community......

Amazing Kilimanjaro as a tour operator, our business is organising tours to Africa, and we’re proud of what we do. For us, however, Africa epecially Tanzania is much more than simply a source of business. It is a part of the world that is important to us all; its people, culture, wildlife, landscape and other factors.

We know that tourism is a very tricky subject and one that is constantly debated around the world. Is air travel the reason for the global warming crisis that we are in? Is tourism to remote communities destroying the fabric of their society and losing traditions forever? Can tourism be used as a force for good in developing nations and provide regular income and jobs for the local communities?

One thing, having traveled many miles around the world and seen tourism both at its best and at its worst, that we firmly believe is that, if those that are traveling are open to being absorbed by their destination rather than trying to impose themselves on it, then travel can really work. There is absolutely nothing like the education that witnessing another culture and community gives, and the potential to learn out of these experiences is priceless.

With this in mind, we carefully select all of the lodges and destinations that we sell and will only do so if they conform to certain criteria, such as community awareness, sustainability and a code of conduct. On the whole, we prefer to use companies and properties that are smaller and so really manage themselves and their impact.

At Amazing Kilimanjaro we are committed to promoting responsible tourism. So we have made it our mission to protect the environment and the local people in the destinations you love. That way we can provide great holidays now and into the future.

As travellers ourselves, we are aware of the impact that tourism can have on local communities and it is our aim to provide holidays that leave a positive impact on our destinations. We are passionate about directly benefitting these communities through sustainable travel, environmental protection, and social projects.

We believe we should enable people to explore and enjoy the world without harming it. We recognise that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and the people in our destinations. Therefore, we work to support and involve local people to ensure we directly benefit the cultures and environmental conservations of the communities we visit, giving our customers a more enriched holiday.

Leave behind a positive footprint in Tanzania

We believe it's important to contribute to the community that we belong to and the country we explore with our guests. To this end, we work with a number of projects across Tanzania and aid them in a variety of ways, including funding them out of our own profits. All you need to do is book with Amazing Kilimanjaro to help us support these fantastic projects.